Profession Selection Program

Full Syllabus Detail

P1: Website Developer (30 Hours)

1. Starting with Websites

Domains & Hostings How Websites work in internet | Domain & Hosting working & purchaseing | Cpanel Management | FTPs | Subdomains

2. Website Building Languages

Coding Languages Difference between Frontend & Backend Languages | Database working | Purpose and benefits of each Coding Languages

3. Designing a Website

UI & UX Making Website without Coding | Responsive Designing | Designing a UI | Analyzing a UX | Making a website live | Frontend Coding | Plugins & Widgets | Paid Themes & Templates

4. Backend Design & Database

MySQL & Mongo DB Control Panel Design Template | CRUD Operation in PHP | Industrial Requirments | OOPS Programming

5. Work & Jobs

Working Online & Onsite Working of Online Work Provider Websites - Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer | Scaling your charges | Time management | Client Catagories

P2: Digital Business Expert (30 Hours)

1. Understanding Different Marketing Platforms

Search Engines & Other Media Google & Other Search Engines | Facebook & Other Social Media | elaboration of rankings | Onsite and Offsite SEO | Different Money Making Methods on Internet

2. Types of Digital Marketing

Paid & Organic Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Search Engine Marketing (PPC) | Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Influencer Marketing | Email Marketing | Viral Marketing

3. Analytics Tools & Report Generations

Google Tools & plugins Search Console | Analytics | Adword | Adsense | Keyword Planner | Trends | MyBusiness | Tag Manager | Content Checker | SEOSiteChecker | SEO Plugins

4. Social Media & Other platforms

Facebook Stack & Youtube Facebook Analytics | Instagram | Whatsapp Business | LinkedIn | Twitter | Paid adds | Youtube | Pinterset | Other B2B Platforms

5. Work & Jobs

Branding & Targeted Audiance Branding strategies for clients | Factorization of Fees | Non-ethical Methods of Advertising | Future Scope | E-commerce & Dropshipping

P3: Cyber Security Expert (30 Hours)

1. Introduction to Networks

Networking | OS | Servers | Coding How devices work in Network | WIfi, Bluetooth, LAN | Public & Private Networks | Linux OS, Windows | Servers Working | Coding Languages required for Hacking

2. Methods of Hacking

Footprinting | System Hacking | Virus Footprinting by Website, Social Media, Email, DNS, Networks | Keylogger | Water Hole Attack | Fake WAP | Phishing | Trojans, Malwares, Bait & Switch, Cookie theft and other methods

3. Tools for Hacking

Security & Hacking Tools Network Security Tools, Password Cracking Tools, Penetration Tools, Sniffing Tools, Web Application tools

4. Security Measures of Hacking

Defenders and Antiviruses Hacking security features of Defenders and Antiviruses, Web plugins to control hacking | Mobile and Web scanning tools | Security measures of Public Wifi & Networks | Online & Telecall Fraud Measures and other methods

5. Study & Career

Colleges, Course, Jobs International & National Colleges | Certification & Exams | Govt. Job Options & Contract jobs | Web security and data backup jobs

P4: Data Miner (ML & AI) (30 Hours)

1. Data Mining Importance

Introduction & Objective Data evolution, Human behavior patterns, Internet and Devices Speed Connection, Working of Human Brain, Case study of big companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart

2. Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence

Libraries & Tools Difference of Machine learning & Artifical Intelligence | Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Maths Libraries | MATLAB, Anaconda, Spider, Rstudio Editor & Compilers

3. Coding & Algorithms

Python & R Programming Basics of Python and R Programming, Data Preprocessing, Regressions, Classification, Clustering, ARL, Reinforcement, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning

4. Study & Career

Colleges, Course, Jobs Importance of AI in coming years, International & National Colleges, Data Scientist jobs and packages, AI with hardware and Robotics

P5: Robotics Inventor (30 Hours)

1. STEM and Robotics Importance

Types and Future Scope Why Robotics is so important, Automation in Industry, 20 Different Branches of Robotics, Challenges in Robotics, International Platforms for Project work in Robotics

2. Coding & Electronics tools

Embedded C, Arduino, Sensors Concepts of Embedded C, Arduino Boards and its interfacing with Shields, Types of Sensors and Communication Modules, Working and Testing with BreadBoard, Arduino Exam Certification Preparation

3. Making Cool Robots

Hardware assembling and Actuators Making robots like Line follower, Elli walker, Home cleaner, Fight Bot, Tug of War Bot, Other self-design robots as final project

4. Construction of Drones

Assembling and Testing How Drone works, Types of Drones, Motors, Propellers, Control grids, Frames and Power backup, Special senors and Communication devices, Remote Controls, Full Drone Assembling and Testing

5. Communities, Events & Jobs

Competitions, Study & Work International Competitions, and Events, How to get added in robotics communities, Colleges, and Courses for Robotics, Project, and Jobs options

P6: Internet of Things Analysist (30 Hours)

1. IoT & Future

5G Speed & Possibilities Real-time action Controls | Better and fast voice assistant devices | Heptic Real-time Gaming controls | IoT in Medical equipment and its benefits | New business generations with IoT | Robotics & IoT

2. Controls and Interfaces for IoT

Arduino & ESP Boards Wifi and Bluetooth Modules Interfacing | ESP Boards interface and controls | Settings and Libraries of ESP Boards| Interfacing Arduino with ESP Boards | Simulation with TinkerCAD

3. Making Web Pages and Apps

HTML & Apps Designing of HTML Pages for controls and data collectors, Embedding of HTML codes in Arduino codes, Use of PreBuild apps from App store | Making new Apps by block coding and MIT Inventor App

4. Projects and Experiments

Automation and Controls Interfacing of Multiple sensors for medical, environmental, robotics, automation controls and data acquaintance devices with IoT | Learning of new ways of Health Monitoring Devices

5. Business Models and Jobs

Startups and Jobs Understanding the Value of Ideas | Deploying ideas on small scale testing | New jobs in IoT market in Upcoming Years | Joining Company communities to get Project-based jobs

P7 : CAD & Product Designer(30 Hours)

1. Computer-Aided Designing

Importance and Value in Real World alue of 2D and 3D designs into the world, Concept of Measurements and Scale, Use of CAD tools in Multiple Fields, Process of Product designing

2. 2D Graphic Designing Tools

Photoshop, Corel, Autocad Using of 2D graphics tools for Template Designing, Photo Editing, Logo and Avatar Making, Vector Designing | Making of 2D Engineering Designs on AutoCAD in Multiple Feilds

3. 3D Designs and Simulations

3Ds Max, Google Skecthup, Blender Using of 3D Tools in different platforms | Making 3D for consumer base in multi-relative area | Archtectureal based 3D designs | Small Simulation Tools

4. 3D Printers

3D Printing & CAD Designs Exporting CAD Designs to 3D Printers | Concept of CNC Machine | M-Code and G-code | How to Build a 3D printer | Making Projects of 3D Printer

5. Study & Work

Colleges and Companies Best tools and Jobs for designers on Online Job Providing Platforms | Best Colleges and Universities to get Designing Degrees, Part-time jobs in Companies

P8: Accountancy Professional (30 Hours)

1. Daily Rituals & Accounting

Importance for Self and Business Accounts for Employees, Businessmen, Investors and Self Employed People | Benefits of Maintaining accounts | Benefits of reports with Machine Learning | Planning & Predictions

2. Manual Accounting

Wires and Sheets Ledgers and Balance sheets Reconciliations | Transactions | Invoicing | Banking | Credit and debit card processing | Inventory and Stock | Manufacturing Process | Virtual Company practice

3. Computer Accounting & Business Intelligence Tools

Advance MS Excel, Busy, Wave accounting Working of Excel Sheets, Advance Formulas, Tables, Logical Codings in Excel, macros | Online Cloud-based Accounting Tools | Busy Software Interfacing Project Handling for a Virtual Company

4. Taxation and Revenues

Taxes | Returns | Savings Direct and Indirect Taxes, GST, TDS, Income tax Deployment and slabs | Company Registration Types and Benefits | Income Tax Return(ITR) Types and Filing Process | Taxasation in Foreign Countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia)

5. Study & Jobs

Top Colleges & Exams and Jobs Online Websites for Job, Universities and top Colleges for Commerce, CA Exam Preparation, Certified Bodies and Income Benefits

P9: Financial Literacy & Banking (30 Hours)

1. Concept of Financial Independency

Story of Highly educated but Financially illitrates No education of Money in schools | Why 'A' Students works for 'C' Students?, Money for Life | Concept of Rich, Poor and Middle Class | Concept of Relative Richness | ill practices of people with money | Ways to achieve Financial Independency | Career Vs Money

2. Income Vs Expenses

Habits of Rich Vs Poor Assets Vs Liabilities in real life, Sources of Income, Cashflow Quadrant, Bad practices of People in spending money | Sensible spending and Habituation of overspending & its solutions | Identifying an asset purchase

3. Passive Income and Its Importance

Making Multiple Sources of Income Identifying Passive and Active income, Sources to generate passive income, best to worst growth rate in Passive income, Early retirement Plans & targets

4. Investment and Savings

Starting early and habituation What is an investment, benefits of saving in multiple domains, most secure domains to invest, long term savings with big benefits, Concept of share market and Digital Money

5. Banking & Loans

Good debt vs Bad debt Banking for fools, Identifying low profits buy banks, other options than the bank, Good cause to get a loan, calculated risk factors, calculating the marginal line of profit in banking

6. Startups and Business

Concept of work independency Working for others vs working for self, 4W's for startups, Understanding difference between self-employment and business, ideas and funding camps, why funding is not best solution

P10: Business and Civic Law Expert (14 Hours)

1. Importance of Understanding Laws

Most common Laws for every person understanding Government's Structure of Law, how civic offices work, Judiciary and Executive bodies working, Non- ethical and lethargic processes, the right way to complete the process

2. Civic Laws

Safety and measuresDealing with Govt. Bodies, Applying for Govt. services - Online & Offline, Consumer Rights and case studies, Digital Losses and Banking rights, Family Values, Theft & Lost case, Tort & threat case, other civil right and case studies

3. Business Laws

Product and Business Making Contract for Partnerships, NDAs, MoUs, Employee rights, Office and organization laws, Company legalities, Multiple authorizations for different businesses, Rented contracts, Business contract with Banks, case studies of frauds and crimes, Business subsidies

4. International Laws

Travel and BusinessExport & import rules, Contracts for international business, expanding the business to other countries, Travel laws & Insurances, Indian embassy facilities, Investing in abroad and PR facilities

P11: Lifeskill Coach & Expert (30 Hours)

1. Finding problems in current society

What our education system in not teach us Irrational Behaviour among students, Left brain and Right brain fundamentals, Basic book ethics that are not followed, Problems in implementation, Habituation

2. Communication Skills

Language barriers & expressing power Reasons of bad communication, Softskills, English as a positive tool, Handling an opinion and appreciation, Magic Formula of win Hearts, things to do when nothing works, How to interset people

3. Mind Development Excercises

Fast Mind Processing Decision making skill, Critical thinking, Fast calculations, Time management, Confidence building, Roleplays for a real-life problem, Pressure handling methods, Better organizations, Power of documentation

4. Behavior on different stages of life

Self Improvement and Growth Experience to get in life at particular ages, Mid Life Crisis Handling, be the king of your domain, Happiness classes

5. People Network & Achieving Goals

Friends and network Concept of dependability, Expanding network, Real friends vs network friends, Achieving goals, Leadership development methods

P12: Govt. Jobs & Exams (20 Hours)

1. Govt. Jobs Vs Private Company Jobs

Cons & Pros Work ethics in Govt. and Private sector, Salaries and Benefits, Taxation and savings, Educational benefits in Govt. & Private sector, Growth Rate and Promotions, Quotas & Reservation in jobs

2. State Vs Central Govt. Jobs

Salaries and Ranks Difference of Responsibilities, Control and Transfers, Salaries and Grading for state and central Govt. Jobs, SSB and Army based Jobs for different branches, PPP Sector-based jobs

3. Govt. Exams and Types

Preparations & Reality Tester Top ranks and exams to get jobs, State and Central Govt. recruitment difference and timings to joining, Educational requirements for different posts

4. Preparation, Requirments & Planning

Timings and Syllabus Common exam syllabus, Planning, and ethics required for exam preparations, Mock test & interviews, Top institutes for preparations in India, Financial Requirments for Exam preparations

5. Interaction with On-services Executives

State, Central, and Army based executives Direct meeting with top ranked excecutives, Visits and Enviorments of Govt. offices, Sucess stories and tricks for career excelling

P13: International Studies and Career (12 Hours)

1. Current Trends in Going Abroad

Ethical & Non -Ethical Requirments of Applying for abroad, Financial differences in going as student Vs PR, Best Places and Colleges to apply for, Comparison Between Study Ethics of USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, India

2. Exam and Scholarships for Top Universities

Eligibilty & Scholarship Exams Different Exams and their recognitions for different countries(IELTS,PTE,SAT,GMAT,GRE,TOFAL,MCAT, LSAT), Scholarship based exams for top universities, Preparations and Cut-off, List of top branches

3. Financial plannings and benefits

Early Savings and Loans Fee structure and total expense calculations, Money cycle on a yearly basis, Loans and insurance, Liquidity requirements, Early saving plans for parents

4. Technologies to Learn

Things that help in study & Job General International Courses to learn before going to Study Abroad, International Certifications, Scholarship based certifications, Technologies that help to get a part-time job

5. Placement Packages for top courses

After College career & Internships Salary packages and Top companies for campus placements, Internships applying methods for top companies, Exclusive interaction with students and employees

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