C Programming Classes

C Programming

Full Syllabus Detail

C1: Free Bundled
(4 Hours)

Prerequisite :

1) Age for Learning
2) IQ Level Check
3) Why you want to learn code
4) Basic of Computers
5) Maths VS Coding
6) Things to Know Before learning coding
7) Programming Language Importance for Brain Development
8) F2R Working Methodology (European Vs American)
9) Impressive Random factoids about Bill Gates & Steve Jobs


1)What is C Programming
2) Problem Solved After Creation of C Programming
3) International Standards C99, C11, C18
4) Applications of C Prog
5) Importance for (2020)
a. School Students
b. College Students
c. Enthusiast
6) Comparison with C++, Python, Java and Embedded C (Hardware Language)
7) Binary- Bits, Bytes, Hexa and ASCII

C2: Bundled
(48 Hours)

Commencing of Coding (4 hours)

1) Ethics and nomenclature of Coding
2) What is Compiler, Editor and IDE
3) Installing of MinGW GCC Compiler
4) Working on Command Prompt and Terminal
5) GetBash Terminal Vs Windows Command Prompt
6) File Handling nomenclature and WorkSpace management
7) Running “Hello World!” in Notepad
8) Installation and Working with Multiple IDEs
a. Notepad ++
b. TurboC
c. Codeblocks
d. Sublime Text 3
9) Choosing your Editor and their preferences / settings
10) Structure of a Program
a. Concept of Header Files
b. Importance of main() Function
c. Program Statements & Expressions
d. Input and Output
e. Commandline Arguments
f. Comments in Programs

Programming Foundation Concepts for life (8 hours)

1) Data Types and Variables (Real Life Vs Coding)
2) 32 Keywords in C
3) Internal and External Identifiers
4) 7+ Types of Operators
5) Numeric and Character Constants
6) Storage Classes in C
7) Preprocessor directives: Macros
8) Type Casting in Programming
9) DRY RUN vs FLOW CHART of Code
10) Understanding Errors:
a. Syntax
b. Logical
c. Runtime
11) Common C Mistakes

Control Statements (Decision making) and Nesting (10 hours)

1) How to decide to use a Conditional Statement (Real Life Examples)
2) If Statement
3) If Else Statement
4) Else If Statement
5) Nested If Else
6) Switch Case Statements

Loops, Nested Loops, Loop Controls (10 hours)

1) Why loops are so important in coding
2) While and Do While Loops
3) Nested While Loops
4) How to create infinite and program termination loops
5) For and nested For Loops
6) Jump Statements
a. Goto Statement
b. Break Statement
c. Continue Statement

Strings and Arrays (6 hours)

1) Strings Declaration and Sizing
2) Run-Time input based Programs
3) Length, Counting and Searching in Strings
4) Concept of Arrays
5) 2D based Multi-dimensional Arrays
6) Variable Length Arrays
7) Storing Values in Arrays

functions() (10 hours)

1) Why we need a function and its relevance according to Org Structure
2) Creating a non-returnable type Function
3) Returnable Functions
4) Library Functions
5) Passing an Argument and Parameters
6) Concept of Local and Global Variables
7) Calling functions between functions

C3: Add-On Bundle

Pointers (8 hours)

1) What are Pointers and its Benefits
2) Declaration and Variables in Pointers
3) What is the relationship between a pointer and an array (or string)?
4) Single, Double and Triple Pointers
5) Arithmetic Pointer
6) Pre and Post Increment Pointer
7) Real Life Example codes for Pointers

Advance C Programming (40 hours)

1) Compiling Multi-Source Files
2) Concept of Make Files
3) Communication Between Files
4) Creating your own Header Files
5) How to use a Debugger
6) gets() and puts() in Strings
7) 3D Array with Example
8) Structure with Array, Pointers and Functions
9) Predefined Functions
a. Maths
b. File handling
c. Strings
d. Pointers
10) Dangling Pointers
11) Sizeof(), Const, Void, Null Pointers
12) Recursion in C
13) Creating Libraries of Functions to distribution
14) Dynamic Memory Allocation
15) malloc, calloc, and realloc
16) ZOMBIE Process
17) Graphics and Game making in C Programming
c. Bouncing Ball Game Etc.
18) Management Project

C++ Programming

Full Syllabus Detail

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